Getting started with Xero invoicing

Setting up Paystation as a payment option for Xero invoices is a quick process. This guide will walk you through the following steps in detail:

  • Add a Xero integration In Paystation
  • Sign in with Xero and grant permission for Paystation to work with Xero
  • Fill in an online Paystation form
  • Update Xero’s invoice details
  • You’re good to go!

This process should only take a few minutes to complete.

To begin, here's an overview of the data flows between Xero and Paystation.



Step 1: Getting started

After logging into Paystation, go to Xero Admin and click Add Xero integration. You will need to accept the terms and conditions before you can proceed. 

Step 2: Sign into Xero

You’ll be redirected to Xero to log in. 

Xero will prompt you to give permission for Paystation to access data from Xero in order to process the payments. You have full control to revoke this access whenever you want to. 

You will be directed back to Paystation. Select "Finish setup" to continue the integration.

Step 3: Configure Paystation for Xero

After you allow access you’ll be taken back to Paystation to complete the set up using this form. You’ll need to choose your gateway and your Xero payment account from the dropdowns. Copy the “Xero payment service link”, you'll paste this into Xero in the next step.

When you save the form you can now configure Xero. 

Step 4: Add payment option to Xero invoices

After you have connected your Xero account you will need to attach Paystation as a payment option to your invoice branding themes.

Clicking the "Add payment option" next to each branding theme will add Paystation as the credit card option to your invoices.

Congratulations - your invoices are now ready to accept card payments with Paystation.


How do I disconnect from Xero?

From Xero go to your Organisation Settings, go to Connected Apps. Next to Paystation, use the Disconnect App button to disconnect.

From Paystation go to Xero Admin, choose Edit Settings next to the organisation you wish to disconnect. The Remove button will remove your link between Paystation and Xero.

Does it cost me more to use this feature?

Using Paystation as the payment option on Xero invoices does not cost you anything additional.

Will you help me if I get stuck?

Yes of course! Please contact us if you need help.

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