How to search for transactions

Opening up a transaction search can be initiated by selecting it in the left hand side menu. This can also be accessed in the drop down menu when clicking My account.

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Look for transactions

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Use the date ranges to look for transactions.

The date ranges cover the period from the beginning of the day on the first date to the end of the day on the second date.

Note : These numbers might not match up with the amounts deposited into your bank account (see explanation on settlement).

If you are unsure of the other details you can leave them blank or unaltered. Then scroll through the results looking for the transaction you are interested in.

The results of your search will be displayed as a list below the search parameters box.

100 transactions are displayed per page. When more than 100 results are returned you can see other pages using the page numbers at the top left of the results list.


Download the transaction data

You can download the transaction data returned in your search results by selecting one of the download options in the dropdown:

The transactions download in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format, which can be opened in a text editor like Notepad or a spreadsheet program such as Excel. It will appear something like the below as a csv file in Excel. 


View transaction details

To see more details on each transaction View Details.  Let’s view the details of the successful transaction:

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An extended summary data on the transaction is now displayed.

You can perform a refund, block a card and find additional information about the transaction from here.

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